Seminars and Workshops

Karen Chuang & David Moore Master Classes

Sponsored by: Carolina Dance Foundation
Location: Carolina Dance Center

Dates: October 6-7, 2018

Don’t miss this opportunity to train with professional dancers! This is open to all dancers in the community!

Cost: Included for all CDF Members
Non-CDF Attendees: Advanced (1.5 hour classes) $36 per class
                              Intermediate/Advanced (1.5 hour classes) $36 per class 
                              Intermediate (1 hour classes) $26 per class

If paying by cash or check in the studio, please fill out this Non-CDF Registration Form and submit with payment.

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Saturday, October 6

Studio 1
Int Contemporary (ages 8-10) 12:45-1:45—Karen Chuang
Int Hip Hop (ages 8-10) 2:15-3:15—David Moore
Studio 4
Int/Adv Contemporary (ages 11-13) 9:45-11:15—Karen Chuang
Int/Adv Hip Hop (ages 11-13) 11:30-1:00—David Moore
Advanced Contemporary (ages 14+) 2:00-3:30—Karen Chuang
Advanced Hip Hop (ages 14+) 3:45-5:15—David Moore
Sunday, October 7 
Studio 1
Int/ Adv Hip Hop (ages 11-13) 12:30-2:00—David Moore
Int/Adv Contemporary (ages 11-13) 2:15-3:45—Karen Chuang
Studio 4 
Advanced Contemporary (ages 14+) 12:30-2:00—Karen Chuang
Advanced Hip Hop (ages 14+) 2:15-3:45—David Moore
Int Hip Hop 4:00-5:00 (ages 8-10)—David Moore
Int Contemporary (ages 8-10) 5:15-6:15—Karen Chuang

Please email with any questions about classes, levels, etc. 





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