Carolina Dance Foundation Performance Company Makeup

We have compiled a list of items you will need to include in your stage makeup kit this season. We have chosen colors and items that we think are affordable and attractive. We are attempting to streamline the look of all company genres and levels so we are suggesting a more neutral palette. If you are not able to find the exact matches for all of these products, please just find the closest alternative. Most items are readily available at CVS or other local area drugstores.

Liquid Foundation (of your choosing to match skin tone)
Translucent Powder (of your choosing to match skin tone)

White Eyeliner Pencil – Wet n Wild #608A “You’re Always White” OR Maybelline Cover Stick Concealer “White”
White Eye shadow – Wet n Wild #250B “Sugar” OR Milani Runway Eyes Eye Shadow, Lily White 01 (or any brand of eye shadow will do)
Medium Brown Eye shadow – Wet n Wild #252C “Nutty”
Dark Brown Eye shadow – Cover Girl #740 “Brown Smolder”
Gold Eye shadow – Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eyeshadow “Gold School”
Black Liquid Eyeliner
Red Eyeliner Pencil – Wet n Wild #717 “Berry Red” (optional)
Ardell Eyelashes #109
Eyelash Glue
Black Mascara
Vaseline (to help apply glitter)
White Glitter – Wet n Wild #775A “Mega Sparkle” (or any loose white glitter will do)

Blush – Wet n Wild #328B “Mellow Wine”

Red Lip Liner
Red Lipstick – Revlon #725 “Love That Red”


Makeup Instructions

Makeup Pic Eyes Closed

Makeup Pic Eyes Open


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