Carolina Dance Foundation thanks you for your generous gift. Your support of the mission of CDF is helping to promote and expand artistic awareness within our community.

To date, CDF has coordinated classes for the Raleigh Rescue Mission, invested in multiple scholarships, provided countless outreach tickets, and conducted special needs creative movement classes aimed at helping all members of our community to increase self confidence and inspire each individual to reach his or her full potential. We will continue to support our community through our collaborative outreach programs in the hopes that every student can learn the vast benefits of creative movement and expression.

Don’t forget to see if your company has a matching gifts program. If your employer participates in matching contributions, please send all gifts and forms to Carol Newell, our director of fundraising.

Please contact Denise Proctor if you have any questions regarding your donation.

Thank you again for helping our efforts. We appreciate your generous support.

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