Audition Results

Please select the desired company name below to see the list of accepted dancers/groups for the 2018-2019 season:

Carolina Civic Ballet

Carolina Groove

Carolina Groove Elite

Carolina Rhythm

For those who have been accepted into the program(s), you will soon be receiving the 2018-2019 Company Contract. There will be a MANDATORY Parent Meeting slated for late June (Date TBD), where we will cover the contract material as well as a general Q&A session. Even if your child is not new to Company, your attendance at this meeting is still required. We will be covering pertinent information for the new year that you won’t want to miss. 

PLEASE NOTE: This list is not final as there are several dancers who still need to complete make-up auditions. The details regarding those make-ups will be released soon. 

Finally, if you were chosen as an understudy, you were chosen because the Artistic Director’s have made note of incredible potential in you. We realize that the role of an understudy can be confusing. Below is the official note on understudies from last year’s Company contract for reference. Your genre’s Artistic Director will be in touch to explain further but please reach out to them should you have any additional questions not answered below. And, again, Congratulations on being chosen for this honor!

Understudies: Being selected as an understudy is an honor and requires great dedication. Often understudies must learn multiple pieces of choreography, and are expected to fill in at a moment’s notice. Understudies are not technically a member of the company so they are not expected to pay dues, fund raise, attend the mandatory master classes, or complete parental volunteer hours. The only expectation of the understudy is to attend all the rehearsals for the piece they are assigned. If called upon, then the understudy performs the piece that they have been rehearsing. The understudy year is a time to develop the skills to be a company member as well as show your dedication to dance. Understudies should be treated with cooperation and respect by their peers and not seen as or treated as inferior. Understudies must juggle rehearsal schedules and work independently, as the choreographer’s attention is primarily focused on teaching and correcting the dancers assigned to that piece. 

Please email Sherry Bailey at with any questions.

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