About Us

Carolina Dance Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes dance education and awareness within the Triangle region through community outreach and quality dance performance. Specifically, we strive to:

  • Promote the appreciation and awareness of dance arts in the community
  • To provide education in dance forms such as jazz, ballet, tap, and hip hop
  • To give public and community outreach performance in the mentioned dance forms
  • Sponsor special events of the CDC Performance Companies and collaborations with community artists and performing arts groups.

The CDC Performance Companies have specific goals for their dancers including enhancing technical training, increasing self confidence and inspiring each individual dancer to reach his/her full potential. Our passion is to educate young dancers and provide them with the proper opportunity to develop into technically proficient artists.

We strive to promote and expand artistic awareness within our community by offering multiple dance performances at local cultural events, festivals and charity functions.



Board of Directors:

President: **OPEN** (Sherry Bailey – acting member)
Vice President: Eugene Johnson (Open in Summer 2018)
Artistic Directors: Missy Blackburn, Jennifer Moore, Lindsay Shaw
Treasurer: Teresa Atkinson
Business Manager: Kai Hinkey
Secretary: Maria Peterson
Director of Communications: Allison McLain (Open in Summer 2018)
Director of Education: Season Bromley
Director of Fundraising: Merritt Jones and Christy Britt
Director of Outreach: Angela Murray
Director of Performance: Kristina Nieshalla
Director of Volunteers: Anna Williams

Consider a leadership role in the Carolina Dance Foundation organization! The following positions are open or will be open as of June 2018.  


Board President: Presides at board meetings, appoints committee chairpersons, works closely with committee chairs to guide the organization, as the executive face of the organization: meets with donors and grant organizations; member of the Grant Committee; chairs the scholarship committees; sponsorships; recruiting, development of relationships with other arts organizations. The holder of this position must NOT be a current dance parent.

Director of Communications: Coordinates external communications, coordinates the marketing of the Holiday and Spring Show(s) including but not limited to tickets, posters, programs, ad sponsorships, press releases and candy notes to CDC students, oversees the CDF Facebook account and CDF Website.

Vice President: Assists the President and acts for president in absence. Takes the lead role in follow-up with other Directors on action items, leads the grant committee, manages auditions, manages the costume committee along with costume coordinator.


Please contact Sherry Bailey at development.cdf@gmail.com if you are interested in more information or want to better understand what the position entails. If you are interested or have someone in mind, please fill out the nomination form. WE NEED YOU!


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